Welcome to History Geek

This is the beginning!  After several years of mutterings, excuses and hot cups of apathy I have finally arrived in the blogosphere. I’m really excited about this and am looking forward to sharing some of my passions and interests with whomever might enjoy them.

I have a passion for anything and everything historical.  I’m also a collector – bordering on becoming one of those people who appear on reality shows about hoarding.  My collections include thousands of postcards, photographs, documents, letters, buttons, menus, ball tickets, anything and everything that gives a glimpse into the past.  But the one thing I collect the most is stories.

So that is why I am here on WordPress.  I’ve decided it is time to try to enlighten, entertain and inspire the masses through a collage of ephemera, snapshots and documents perhaps along with a few sordid stories, observations and personal tales of historical misadventure.

Many posts will focus on original items from my own personal collection and many of these are previously unpublished.  To me they are unique personal windows into times gone by and it is wrong of me to continue to hoard them away unseen in shoe-boxes.  I hope you enjoy them and the stories they tell as much as I do.

Let the adventure begin!

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    • Cheers Jane – Thanks for stopping by to check it out. I hope to ramp the quirky/interesting level up even more in the upcoming weeks and months!

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