History Geek’s First Award!!!

I have some good news!  I’ve been awarded the ‘Liebster Award’ by Matthew Wright.  He runs a fantastic blog on writing techniques, the publishing industry, science fiction and all sorts of insightful musings – dare I say it laced with an appropriate dose of geekiness.  It is quite an honour that History Geek’s first award has been given by one of New Zealand’s most successful writers of historical non-fiction.  His latest book is on convicts – check it out!

To accept the Liebster Award I have a penance of sorts.  I’m required to answer the questions posed by the blogger that awarded me and am then to pass it on.  The questions are:

1. Is there anything you would do other than what you already have a passion for?

There is a job that I sometimes dream of doing, but sadly it is a profession that there is little need for today.  It would involve working in splendid isolation, with a fair amount of responsibility but also plenty of time to relax and enjoy fresh air, beautiful wilderness and the smell of the sea.  If the opportunity ever came up then I would love to be a lighthouse keeper.

It is a naively romantic idea of course, especially when my handyman skills leave a lot to be desired and the novelty of living on an isolated island would probably wear off more quickly than a mochachino drinking sort like myself would care to admit.  But I do like the idea of living a quiet life away from the rat-race in some beautiful windswept corner of the world.

2. What are your thoughts on reason, reasonableness, and tolerance?

The ability to reason is something that humans have excelled at and at our core I think that reasonableness is also a common trait, as conflict with a well-matched competitor is rarely a wise idea and reasonableness is a way to avoid needless conflict.  But tolerance is something that I don’t think always comes naturally.

Others may disagree but I believe that an individuals sense of self-worth is often in part tied in with the identity of a clan or community.  People or ideas that challenge that community are often perceived as a direct threat to the individual’s imagined worth and as such is often the genesis of conflict.  Tolerance requires an individual to not just look out for their own well-being but to acknowledge and respect the right of others to be different – even if there is not a personal incentive to do so.  I admire those that are able to actively show tolerance.

Now it is my turn to pass on the Liebster Award and to pose questions of my own.

1:  Which historical figure most inspires you and why?

2:  Which authors have you enjoyed reading recently?

3:  If you could live or relive any decade of the twentieth century then which would you choose and why?

I’d like to pass the Liebster Award on to the following blogs that I’ve enjoyed reading lately.



http://www.peterwellsblog.com (I particularly enjoyed reading about this historical detective work).

They are all a good read and worth checking out!

© Lemuel Lyes

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  1. Congratulations Lem, you and this blog are totally deserving of this award! I do agree with your comment: “I believe that an individual’s sense of self-worth is often in part tied in with the identity of a clan or community”. It is the essence of the Folk Society (which historically had a religious basis, but we can apply the same principles to any group of like-minded people who feel some sort of kinship) – http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/212243/folk-society

  2. Congrats. I was just awarded it too. I raise a glass to the Geek. I have enjoyed reading your blog and will make a point to comment more often.


    S. Thomas Summers
    Author of Private Hercules McGraw: Poems of the American Civil War

  3. Thank you for the shout-out! And you absolutely deserved this award.
    Apologies for the delay coming back – I have been bogged down writing a biography of Donald McLean (our one, not the Brit spy) which is making impecunious demands on my time!
    Keep up the great blogging!

  4. Congratulations , yes, I agree with the others, your blog is great and so well researched and written- I want a book!!You must be chuffed, Mr L.
    Warmest thoughts
    PS: When are you coming to wgton…?

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