History Geek Update


I’m publishing this post from Russell, formerly the infamous Kororareka, or hellhole of the Pacific. Once upon a time this beach was home to drunkards, whalers, crimps, sailors, prostitutes, grog shop owners and other rogues both lovable and not. It was witness to duels, brawls and even wars. Now along with the rest of the Bay of Islands it is playground for the rich and a photo opportunity for tourists, but it is still loaded with opportunities for history geeks to overdose.

Regular posts will resume shortly but I thought I’d take this opportunity to explain my brief absence and let you know what you can expect here in the upcoming months.

* A few commemorative posts to mark upcoming historical anniversaries
* More ephemera including shipping menus, postcards, snapshots and a well overdue foray into dance cards and ball invitations
* A previously unpublished insight into a sub-Antarctic shipwreck
* A blog roll showcasing a fantastic community of history related bloggers here in New Zealand and overseas
* Some history tourism based on some of my recent adventures in the far north

Speaking of that, before I return to Dunedin I have one last trip to make. I’m off to experience the Bay of Islands in the most appropriate way I can think of, by tall-ship.


See you all again soon.

(c) Lemuel Lyes

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  1. I went on a tall ship in B of I in 1998 but only for a half day trip. It was wonderful! Have fun!

    Am looking forward to all you have in store, especially the girly stuff – dance cards and ball invitations!

    • Im particularly looking forward to sharing some of my dance card collection, it is one of my favorites and a great insight into what life was like a century or more ago. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Is that the R Tucker Thompson? Great ship, had a great day out on the water on it a few years back. The “Tucker” is a story in herself! 🙂

    • It is indeed the Tucker, well spotted! She is a beauty isn’t she? And a fantastic way to experience the Bay of Islands.

      In fact this is a History Geek first, right now Im taking a brief break from the sun and blogging from below decks! Hopefully this won’t be the last time I blog from onboard a tall ship!

      I look forward to sharing more photos and a post dedicated to the Tucker once I’m settled again on dry land. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I went on a Tall Ship just a few weeks ago, the James Craig, when it was docked at Port Kembla in advance of the Maritime open day. So it wasn’t actually moving but still amazing! I was being presented with an award for history work except they forgot to tell me that or that I should have prepared a short speech. So when I said I haven’t had any awards a few weeks back I was lying apparently…

    • The James Craig is a beautiful ship. I had a look around her over at the maritime museum in Sydney a few years back. Great that an original ship like her still puts to sea!

      Big congratulations on the well deserved award!

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