Life is just one damned thing after another

I’ve got an exciting series of posts coming up soon on life in wartime New Zealand including a guide to surviving aerial bombardments, a look at the threat of Japanese attacks and the resulting American invasion.  Speaking of which – this month marks the 70th anniversary of the arrival of American Forces in New Zealand during WW2.

The US Marine Corps Forces, Pacific Band are commemorating the anniversary by touring the country.  They are mid-tour but still have some upcoming concerts in Auckland, the central North Island and Christchurch.  If you can get along they look like a hoot.

Read on for a real life story of tragedy and a life defining postcard…

Apologies for the lack of content this week – I’ve been hit by a series of unfortunate and unforeseen events.  My day job also became my night job for a while, I had to perform CPR yesterday (ok it was practicing on a dummy – but still), I discovered that a professional leech is stealing my blog posts and using them to generate commissions through a marketing affiliate program, I missed the bus home and had to get a taxi, while waiting for the taxi it started sleeting again (ok that unfortunate event may have been foreseen as I do live in Otago) and I arrived home to find that a pipe has burst in my kitchen cupboard.

So in desperation I did what I always do and sought solace in my postcard and ephemera collection.  This little beauty seemed appropriate and gave me a chuckle – I hope you enjoy it too.

Lemuel Lyes collection

I’d guess that the card looks to be about a century old.  The quote is from Elbert Hubbard who kind of looks like a television producer that I know – spooky!  His quote seems particularly appropriate when you read that he was on the RMS Lusitania.  There is also a scrawled bit of original 1910-ish advice on the back – “What about this poor thing after a gay weekend.  Don’t you get into this mess Xmas Eve”.

© Lemuel Lyes

Not that this little notice does anything – you thieving fustilarian.

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  1. Hooray for the US Marine Corp. touring NZ, as I have 2 nephews currently serving. But I must ask.. who is the producer you referenced?

    • Hey Beth! I’ve got another more detailed post in the works about the USMC’s time in NZ so watch this space..

      I probably shouldn’t mention the producers name in a public forum. But you are welcome to email me with your guess!

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