Introducing Some Fantastic Blogs

I’ve been blogging for about ten months now and one of the fantastic parts of the experience has been the exchange of ideas and stories with fellow bloggers.  It is inspiring to see so many passionate people sharing our past in different ways and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed becoming part of a community that I’m sure will only continue to grow.

So I’m proud to announce the well overdue introduction of a blogroll – you can find it on the far right on the main page, but to save you the effort this time here are my recommendations and why.

Built in Dunedin – An exploration behind the history of Dunedin’s heritage buildings.  These posts are extremely well researched and the blog is much-loved by locals who enjoy learning more about the places they walk past.

Dressing the Lines – An enthusiast from the Kapiti Coast shares his beautiful war-gaming miniatures,  He has a special focus on the horse and musket era and is also an incredible photographer!

Early New Zealand Photographers – This blog is an absolute fantastic body of work that charts the careers of early New Zealand photographers.  On several occasions this blog has helped me more accurately date photographs in my collection, or figure out where they were taken.  The author also runs this blog on Crimean War veterans that settled in New Zealand.

Gerald J. Ellott Postal History – A New Zealand collector shares his postal history collection and the stories behind each item.  I’m particularly envious of his early Royal Navy and New Zealand Wars items – an incredible collection!

Longwhitekid – A fantastic journey through the history of vintage New Zealand advertising and food packaging.  The research behind each post is absolutely outstanding and collectively is an invaluable contribution to the history of advertising in Aotearoa.

M J Wright – A blog run by one of New Zealand’s most successful historians.  He generously shares insights into the world of a professional writer, stories from New Zealand’s past and most importantly, plenty of geekery!

Peter Wells – I’ve enjoyed reading this blog which follows an extremely dedicated historical researcher.  I particularly admire the lengths the author goes to in his search to better understand the finer points of history – such as this post where he compares the accent of missionary and martyr Carl Volkner to that of Kim Dotcom!

Photobooth Journal – An absolutely unique project dedicated to photos taken in photo booths – most taken by the author over the previous four decades but also featuring other examples from her private collection.  She also runs this blog which shares other vintage photographs including some amazing historical mugshots!

Te Papa – No explanation needed here!  This is the blog run by Te Papa, New Zealand’s national museum.

The Lint in My Pocket – This blog is run by a talented American poet who specializes in poetry about the American Civil War.

The Museum of Ridiculously Interesting Things – An eclectic mix of things that are, well ridiculously interesting!  The author is also the curator behind the New Zealand Police Museum’s exhibit on 19th and 20th century mugshots – notable for the image of Daniel Tohill which went viral internationally.

Timespanner – A journey through Avondale, Auckland and New Zealand history.

Tūhonohono – One day, one new image and one old image.  A beautiful comparison between then and now, also a lovely way to use archival images.

I hope to add plenty more HistoryGeekStamp1recommendations to the blogroll as I continue to come across awesome people doing awesome history stuff.

Until then, do check out the links above – they are well worth the read and are all deserving recipients of History Geek’s seal of approval.


© Lemuel Lyes


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  1. Thanks for giving my blog such a wonderful plug Lemuel, and also for introducing me to so many other wonderful resources. I always forget that museums have websites. It never crossed my mind to look at the Te Papa one until now. My cousin lives in Wellington and her hubby works there. It is one of the best museums I have ever visited – and I have been to many, many museums worldwide. Can’t wait to check out the rest!

  2. Thanks for listing my blog amongst your recommendations. I certainly feel in exalted company when I look at the other sites you have recommended. And your own one is always a ‘must read’.
    . .

    • Cheers! It is great to see such a growing community of history related bloggers.

      Looking forward to seeing more of your fantastic work (especially those Royal Navy chaps!).

  3. Absolutely chuffed to make this list – thanks so much! Really enjoying delving into the others as well, some I knew of & some new to me. Keep doing what you do Lemuel!

  4. I’m very chuffed by your comments on Longwhitekid, it is very complimentary and little things like that make doing it – all the hours, the frustration and bleary eyes worthwhile. Thanks Lemuel.

  5. Thanks Lemuel – you’re very kind! Like you I’m enjoying being part of the blogging community and your blog is one of my favourites. I’ve just been looking at a couple of cool blogs from your blog roll that I didn’t know about. Cheers.

    • You are more than welcome! I’ve enjoyed meeting others that blog about history and introducing them to each other. It is a great little community!

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